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Our most recent University that has confirmed to receive us is the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania!

Est. 1984

Motto: “Ardhi ni Hazina” (Land is treasure)

Chancellor: Hon. Joseph Sinde Warioba

Vice chancellor: Prof. Raphael Tihelwa Chibunda

Students: 7228

Vision: To be a leading University in the provision of quality knowledge and skills in agriculture and allied sciences.

Mission: To promote development in agriculture, natural resources and allied sectors through training, research and delivery of services.

Core values:
– Pursuit of excellence in service delivery
– Entrepreneurial and innovative spirit
– Competitive orientation
– Integrity, transparency and accountability
– Results/Achievement oriented
– Diligence on duty
– Adaptive and responsive
– Freedom of thought and expression
– Gender sensitive
– Continuous learning

The university has a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, which has the main aim of producing qualified and practically competent veterinarians who can contribute to the development of the animal industry, public health sector, biomedical research and improvement of living standards.

We are so excited to help them out and contribute towards their aim of producing quality veterinarians!

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