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One of the Universities we are looking forward to help out for the first time in the history of Vet Books for Africa is the University of Rwanda, situated in Huye.

Est. 2013

Motto: African centres of excellence

Chancellor: Patricia L. Campbell

Vice Chancellor: Prof. Alexandre Lyambabaje

Vision: To be a leading University that develops highly enterprising graduates prepared and dedicated to building a more just and sustainable society locally, nationally and globally, with appropriate innovations that advance quality of life.

Mission: To support the development of Rwanda by discovering and advancing knowledge, committed to the highest standards of academic excellence , where students are prepared for lives of service, leadership and solutions.

Objectives (to include) :

Develop interdisciplinary, problem-based academic programmes aligned with Rwanda’s development needs.

Integrate IT-based resources from around the world.

Ensure students have the leadership, entrepreneurship and management skills needed to create employment.

Prepare students for service to their communities and country through applied service learning programmes nationally and internationally

Create applied, evidence-driven, research centres focused on problem solving, aligned with Rwanda’s development needs.

Develop continuous education programs for upgrading skills and knowledge.

The university has a school of Veterinary Medicine that we aim to enrich with all the veterinary textbooks and equipment we possibly can!

University of Rwanda: About
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